Saturday, March 7, 2009

Watcmen Movie Review

Have u guys watch Watchmen??
It's now showing in the theatres. i watched it last night.
it wasn't my choice to watch it though..because i've never heard of watchmen before.*sue me*
but now i know that this movie is based on a graphic novel.
so, for all the watchmen fans out there, u should watch this movie and give a better review than mine coz i'm going to give this movie only 4/10.

This is from the perspective of someone who doesn't read Watchmen graphic novel.

Well, i don't expect anything from the movie coz i don't know ANYTHING about it.
i just sit there n hoping that the movie will impress me. unlike batman or spiderman, which i already knew the background of the story, watchmen is just freaking new for me.

The main characters are The Comedian, Doctor Manhattan, Nite Owl, Ozymandias, Rorschach, and Silk Spectre.

1) This movie has so many flashbacks which help me to understand a little.but sometimes it made me confuse.

2) Too many talkings.bla.bla.bla. boring..arghhh~ (i was hoping for more actions)

3) i don't understand most part of the movie. why the death of The Comedian would make such a mess and all the other superheroes took it as a big problem?who the hell is he? from the flashbacks, i think i only see the bad side of The Comedian. so, why his death would be that important?

ok, forgive me for not reading the book, but the movie doesn't state anything like "read the book before watching" or "to be watched by Watchmen fans only".

4) why the government hates the superhero so much? they even set up a murder case to catch Rorschach. but i like Rorschach's cool mask. no wonder he cared for it so much and can't afford to lose it. he keep calling it "my face".

5) I don't understand why Ozymandias or Adrian Veidt plan the destruction. and why suddenly he is more good at fighting than the other superheroes? he easily beat up Rorschach and Dan Dreiberg, the nite owl.

6) Doctor Manhattan can go to Mars?? oh, come on~ Laurie can go too..and i dont't know what is the golden machine for? why Mars??

7) this movie is moving so slow, it makes me sick..

8) but the most unforgivable part of the movie is the duration. i was so damn pissed off n keep looking at the time. they are several parts of the movie which is good enough to be the ending, but the movie keep moving to the next scene. everytime i thought that it is already the end of the movie, i'm dissapointed. coz it's not. we are brought to the next scene.
2 hours and 43 minutes???wtf. sorry to say that this movie is nothing like "the dark knight" which held me tight at the seat from the beginning till the end, i hardly notice the duration.

there are a lot of people going in and out of the hall. why? it's freaking long! so, whoever wants to watch this movie, make sure u have enough clothing, already went to the toilet and have some refreshments.

sorry fans. this is only a crappy review of a non-reader of the Watchmen. u want a better ratings instead of 4/10. read the graphic novel.

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ShaFril said...

xbest sgt ek crita ni...nmpak cm best ja...tringin gk nk je la nnt hehe...

Hananeechan said...

ntah la. org laki suke kot.

nadxoxo said...

peristiwa malang telah berlaku masa saya tgk cite ni kat Mines. kat klimaks tetibe semua bunyi jadi cam bunyi robot..kuat lak tu. sakit telinga, lepas tu terus keluar. haha. first time keluar masa movie masih berjalan :D