Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dark knight

I watched this movie days ago, and i know, it's a bit late to do the reviews..
but, who cares..this is my blog after all.. *wink*

BesT ParTs

What i like the most in this movie is the psychotic joker..The late Heath Ledger did a great job!!! It doesn't look like he's acting a joker. It looks like he is born as the psychotic joker. He's so scary, he's so psycho, he's so joker. He's just damn good..He really deserves an oscar nomination..And if he wins, it is not because of sympathy, or because he had passed's just because of his great talent and it's worth his talent..

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger - Joker

Why so serious?

Christian bale is hot..i know..but i like the batman's voice husky..can't imagine if a guy with that kind of voice whisper next to me..**

Christian Bale


Bad Parts

Nothing much, just i think that the movie is too long. There's several parts that i thought was the end of the movie. but it wasn't..*lama sgt smpai ada org tu tido~ haha*


Above all, Christopher Nolan did a great job. well done!
4.5 stars~

Food Lover~

One fine evening, i went for a ride on my scooter to search for a photocopy shop.. i ended up at a shop near my campus which i think is quite cheap..

Beside the shop, there's a restaurant with not so many customer (at that time)... i saw a few packets of sandwiches, which i decided to buy...

i asked the waitress:
Me: sandwich telur ke? (based on the yellow color)
Waitress: Tak la. ni sandwich tuna.

it doesn't look like a tuna sandwich for me...

Me: ouh, berapa ni kak?
Waitress: 2 ringgit je..
Me: Nak beli 1 ek..

And after paying, i went back...when i ate the first sandwich, at the very first bite, i suddenly realized that it's only margarine, no tuna..

tadaa...this is the so-called tuna sandwich

see....told ya..the tuna is only a little bit here and there..cisttt...tipah tertipuu~
i'll never ever go to that restaurant again!

i wish i could have a real tuna sandwich..yummy~

Monday, July 28, 2008


today's kbk class is cancelled...yippiee~
so, just having a sweet date with my lappy..
drinking a cup of coffee (medicated coffee which my mom forced me to drink..huhu)
a chocolate waffle for my breakfast..nyum2..

i'm pissed off with my UM sticker registration..i can't print my kept saying that there's a programming error..dem! let me take over the programmer's place and detect the error la..huhu (mcm terel sgt~) so, today i need to go to the security office (again~) and try to settle up my registration manually..


Lala Land~

it's already 3.30AM.. what the hell am i doing at this hour?? i'm not playing dota of course.. huhu... lalala~

hoping for a better tomorrow~ ^_^

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A lot like love..

Today, i'm going to talk about my love life..(again??!! huhu..)

what are u going to do if your ex-bf suddenly appears and send lots of msgs, etc2.. and at the same time u already have a new bf? hurmmm..

as for me, i'll just ignore my ex-bf bcoz our story are history..he already left me(without any explanation) and i had to suffer for a while, and i had a gud time too living my single life..

in addition, i already have a new love life to live..when i commit in a relationship, it means that i have a commitment and a heart to take care of.. i won't simply change my mind after knowing the reason or explanation from my i said earlier, we are history.. lets bygone be bygone..

i fall in love with pacikbesa n i'm very happy.. full stop..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bad Day~

Early this week, i was planning to go back home after class on Friday, but on Friday evening, i suddenly felt lazy and "berat hati" to go home...but, when i asked my mother whether i should go home or not, she said "balik jela.."...then, i decided to pack my things n go home..

but what i imagined about going home, sleep on my own bed at home, etc2 were only dreams..when i arrived at the lrt station, i knew i had made a mistake..there were sooo many people lining up to buy tickets..(when i said many, it means really crowded..just like when u want to buy movie tickets at midvalley during weekends..urghh..) the most crowded station was at plaza rakyat..n i heard some people talking.."kenapa ramai sgt org hari ni? ade cuti apa2 ke?"

and as i expected, the ticket to my hometown was already sold out..and what's more important was, every ticket to every place were sold out too...that means, i only had to choices..

1. go back to UM (which means i need to line up once again, in the middle of the crowded people) a ticket to ipoh, which is the nearest place to my hometown..and only additional bus are available..(additional bus means,poor bus facility(bas kilang@bas sekolah) and doubled the price)

then, i decided to take option 2 which costs me rm30..dem!
and i had to stay overnite at my aunt's place in ipoh, and go home the next day..

what make it worst:
1. my seat was broken. no choice..take it or leave it..

2. a child which was seating on his father next to my seat kicked me..*i was just about to fall asleep when he suddenly kicked my leg..* when i open my eyes to see what happened, he just smiled happily..hahaha...(nasib la ko ni bdak kecik..)

3. a pervert-looking guy disturbed me at the bus station..(he asked me to follow him home, bcoz i was!!)

bad day..huh?? ~haih..~

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yummy Cheezy

I'm craving to eat something cheesy.. More like "mengidam"..
waa...but i'm too lazy to ride my scooter to buy anything...
tapi teringin.. :(

what i have in mind? i don't have specific food..
just anything with cheese..huhu

Kfc cheezy wedges..(padahal kfc dekat je pon..*dushh*)


cheese yummy~
gulp~ there any food-with-cheese delivery??

KiSaH HaTi

Pernah tak korang tetiba je rasa tak sedap hati tanpa sebab musabab yg jelas?
Saya slalu rasa cmtu..n sekarang ni pon saya rasa tak sedap ati.. Dalam sekelip mata, hati berdebar-debar..rasa mcm ade bnda buruk je nak berlaku..kengkadang tu rasa cam nak nangis pon ade..tapi apekehal nk nangis tetiba mcm org gila lak kan..

pernah skali tu bila saya rasa camni, saya call sume ahli family, just to make sure that they're alright..*sampai camtu sekali~* huhu..padehal xde pape pun.. Gilerkah aku? hurmmm...

aaaaaaaa....i think i am!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


hurmm..Kenapa mesti emo? Best sangat ke emo2 nih...
Dah tau kan bila emo tu, orang lain yg jd mangsa..tak paham2 lagi..*dushh*
sorry pacik besa, for being emo "unexpectedly"..

Monday, July 21, 2008


i got headache right now...
it hurts so damn much..arghhhhhhhhhhh.....

updated at 11.30pm

hurmm..he sms me at 8 something telling me that he had a bad headache..*camana leh jangkit lak ni??*
i replied but the message is undelivered..his phone is off...darn..i'm worried bout him..
is he ok? how's his pain? did he take any painkiller or not..?
hurmm..but the msg is still undelivered..i just kept sending it anyway..

i already think on the negative side as usual..something like "he didn't want 2 talk to me..? he's boring with my messages? he wanted to sleep n dn't want me to disturb? or, he's going somewhere? "..something like that.. okay..i know it's very negative, right..? but i think i know what really happened..let me guess.. he had a bad headache..he lie down and fell asleep, his phone's battery already empty...hurmm..but i think, around 12, my messages will be delivered..just wait n c if i had a good instinct.. =) head is killing painful..

++ i Hope that he'll get better soon..Let me have his pain..i'm used to it, already..hope he'll feel better..

updated at 12.30 am

waaa..i think i do have good instincts.. he called me just now, around 12..he fell asleep,n low battery that he didn't notice..see...i told ya... =)

but the thing is, i'm kind of feel like i'm being left out..not his's just me..i'm just dem sensitive hokkeyy....urghh..hana! grow up will u!! *sigh*

++to him: i'm sorry dear..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

~DreAm GuY~

01.Would you mind if your guy is fat?
Hurm, i think i dun mind if he's fat..but will he mind if i'm fat? i wonder...

02. Would you want your guy to do house chores? would be wonderful if he helps a bit here n there..

03. What is the maximum age gap you and your guy can have?
I dun really mind how much the gap is..but i do mind about age..i prefer if the guy is older than me..n luckily my pacik besa is older than dakecik.. =)

04. Would you mind if your guy smokes?
Yes...i do mind...pacik besa dun smoke aite? hehe.. jgn tau..

05. Must he get good grades?
Erm..i dun mind bout the grades, just being educated is enough for me.. =)

06. A muscular/mature guy or a childish/cute guy?
Can i have the combination of all stated above? hehe.. dun mind the muscular n cute part..honestly, before this i dun like childish guy, but now i love childish guy..if he's childish, dia manja..n kalau dia mnje, dia romantik...n what's more important, he's mature whenever he needs to be..kan pacik besa? fyi, pacik besa is my hero, coz he saved me from being kidnapped..

07. Must he be popular to suit you?
Erm..if he's not popular, it would be better..hehe

08. Would you allow your guy to join a gang?
No thanks..especially gangsters..i hate violence..

09. Must he have perfect eyesight?
Nope..dun mind about that..

10. Must he be perfect in everything?
First, nobody's perfect rite? 2nd, perfect is boring..We can always predict what he'll do next..and what's more important, i love mysterious and surprises.. :D

11. Will you be furious or worried if your guy gets into trouble with the gangsters?
What kind of question is this? for sure laaa...adoyaiiii...

12. Must he be taller than you?
Dun mind..If he's taller, than it's a bonus..if he's at the same level, dun mind either..shorter pun tkpe..janji dia syg saya... :D

13. What is the first thing he attracted you?
hurmm..good question coz i can't find the answer...i'm just attracted to him..

14. Does how much he loves you matters or as long as you love him is enough?
Of course la it matters...What kind of relationship if i'm the only one being deeply in love while he doesn't? *syok sendiri rite?*

15. Would you allow your guy to show tantrums on the elderly or worthy of respect?
Of course i won't..I wouldn't fall for someone violent, rude, and arrogant especially to the elders...

16. What if your guy's ex still loves him?
Depends..Kalau girl tu je yg terhegeh2, ignore jela..As long as my guy loves me, not her..If not, he has to make a or her..Simple.. =)

17. Which of his character or looks will make you leave him?
Character : If he cheats on me or doesn't love me anymore.
Looks : Erm..i dun think that looks can make me leave him..

18. Must you be his first girlfriend?
Tak semestinya.. tak kisah kot.. =)

19. After marriage, must you be together or follow him back to his country or the country he's in?
Together of course..Baik takyah kawin kalo tamo duk same.. =)

20. What will you do if his friends bully him?
Takat gurau2 tu takper la..Don't overdo it..mmg nk kena aa tuh..hehe

21. What are the most important things you seek in your guy?
Pure love, cares n loyalty..

22. Would you rather your guy be a studious or bad boy kind?
Combination of both..huhuhu...

23. What if your good friend likes your guy?
Try aa ngorat kalo dpt..But he's mine,bebeh.. huhu

What i'm gonna do today..

Huarrgghhhhhhhhh... i'm bored to death...

B o s a N

How did your day start?
[wake up early, just another boring day..wanna hang out with me?huhu]

When's the next time you will see the person you like?

Who has your heart at this moment?

Are you waiting for something?
[the day i graduated]

What were you doing at ten last night?

What last text message you received?
[i nk g basuh keta jap tau]

Last missed call you received?

Does anyone hate you?

Where are your siblings?
[my bro is in perlis, my sis is in kedah]

Who texted you the most today?

Are you happy with life?

Can you handle the truth?..
[what truth?]

Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
[yup...always..but not revision book of course..=p]

Did you cry today?

Are you a jealous person?

If you could have one person with you right now, who would it be?
[anak pakcik Amir]

Do you miss anyone?
[my family]

If you were pregnant right now, who would be the baby's daddy?
[ husband of course..]

Is there anyone who understands your relationship status?

Is there something you always wear?
[ necklace..never take it off]

Have you ever thought about converting your religion?

What's most stressing right now?
[mountains of work]

What are you going to do after this?
[ nothing]

How's the weather today?
[sunny day]

What time is it?

Friday, July 18, 2008


i'm sad..
i lost one of my favorite bracelet..
now my box will looks emptier than b4..

Missing Bracelet

Not sure


If anybody of you here found my lost bracelet, kindly contact or return it to me a.s.a.p.
You'll be given a secret reward..
Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i wanna be..

LasT OnE~

1) Your ex is crossing the street, what do you do?
:: lantak dier la..

2) Your bestfriend is pregnant what do you do?
:: erk..sape?huhu

3) When is the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
:: ntah la..not now

4) What would you do if your ex called and wanted you back?
:: huh? ko ape kes?

5) What's your name?
:: hananeechan

6) What are you craving right now?
:: ice blended plishh

7) What was the last thing you cried about?
:: ntah

8) Have you ever blocked someone
:: erk..

9) Do you wear a nametag at work?
:: not yet..

10) Are you happy?
:: yes i am..

11) What was the last movie you watched
:: hancock n hulk

12) What is in your pocket?
:: kunci bilik

13) Who introduced you to your bf/gf?
:: he introduced himself.. =)

14) Where do you hurt?
:: stomach

15) When is your birthday?
: 23 apr

16) What kind of milk do you drink?
:: tak kesah

17) Is someone in love with you?
:: definitely..maybe..

18) Do you like the color green?
:: bole laa

19) How many hours did you sleep last night?
:: tak kira la plak

20) Do you swear at your parents?
:: no

21) Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
:: hopefully

22) Have you ever changed your clothes while in a vehicle?
:: haha...penah kot.. =p


1.Do you want to grow old with
someone or be single?
* with someone

2. what were you doing at 8:00 this
* ccna class..

3. what were you doing 30 minutes ago?
* on9

4. what was something that happened to
you in 1992?
* kindergarden.

5. If you were stranded on an island
with the person you hated and without
food what would you do:
*future cannibal..huhu

6. When someone catches your eye, do
you try to make eye contact or avoid
* depends..
7. what color is your hairbrush?
* not sure i colorblind? huhu
8. what was the last thing you bought?
* food
9. how do u know when ur in love?
* i just know.. =)
10. have you been to china?
* nope
11. where do you keep your money?
* purse
12.Do you wish you were back together
with any of your exes?
* no thanks..
13. do you like peanut butter?
* erm..ok je..
14. Have you been to your ex's house?
* nope.
16. The thing you love about relationships?
* to love n being loved..
17. The thing you love about being
* jimat duit n kredit.. =)
18. Would you give up a dream for
someone you love?
* yes.
19. do you wanna cut your hair?
* nope
20. are you over the age of 25?
* nope
21. do you talk a lot?
* sumtimes
22. do you watch The O.C.?
* yes
23. does your screen name have an "x"
in it?
* nope
24. do you know anyone named Kelsey?
* nope
25. favorite ice cream?
* xkisah..
26. Could you date someone who has
been only your friend for a long time?
* ntah
27. are you typically a jealous person?
* yup..very..
28. Is there such thing as a perfect
* depends on how u define perfect