Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bad Day~

Early this week, i was planning to go back home after class on Friday, but on Friday evening, i suddenly felt lazy and "berat hati" to go home...but, when i asked my mother whether i should go home or not, she said "balik jela.."...then, i decided to pack my things n go home..

but what i imagined about going home, sleep on my own bed at home, etc2 were only dreams..when i arrived at the lrt station, i knew i had made a mistake..there were sooo many people lining up to buy tickets..(when i said many, it means really crowded..just like when u want to buy movie tickets at midvalley during weekends..urghh..) the most crowded station was at plaza rakyat..n i heard some people talking.."kenapa ramai sgt org hari ni? ade cuti apa2 ke?"

and as i expected, the ticket to my hometown was already sold out..and what's more important was, every ticket to every place were sold out too...that means, i only had to choices..

1. go back to UM (which means i need to line up once again, in the middle of the crowded people) a ticket to ipoh, which is the nearest place to my hometown..and only additional bus are available..(additional bus means,poor bus facility(bas kilang@bas sekolah) and doubled the price)

then, i decided to take option 2 which costs me rm30..dem!
and i had to stay overnite at my aunt's place in ipoh, and go home the next day..

what make it worst:
1. my seat was broken. no choice..take it or leave it..

2. a child which was seating on his father next to my seat kicked me..*i was just about to fall asleep when he suddenly kicked my leg..* when i open my eyes to see what happened, he just smiled happily..hahaha...(nasib la ko ni bdak kecik..)

3. a pervert-looking guy disturbed me at the bus station..(he asked me to follow him home, bcoz i was!!)

bad day..huh?? ~haih..~

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