Thursday, July 31, 2008

Food Lover~

One fine evening, i went for a ride on my scooter to search for a photocopy shop.. i ended up at a shop near my campus which i think is quite cheap..

Beside the shop, there's a restaurant with not so many customer (at that time)... i saw a few packets of sandwiches, which i decided to buy...

i asked the waitress:
Me: sandwich telur ke? (based on the yellow color)
Waitress: Tak la. ni sandwich tuna.

it doesn't look like a tuna sandwich for me...

Me: ouh, berapa ni kak?
Waitress: 2 ringgit je..
Me: Nak beli 1 ek..

And after paying, i went back...when i ate the first sandwich, at the very first bite, i suddenly realized that it's only margarine, no tuna..

tadaa...this is the so-called tuna sandwich

see....told ya..the tuna is only a little bit here and there..cisttt...tipah tertipuu~
i'll never ever go to that restaurant again!

i wish i could have a real tuna sandwich..yummy~

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Mr. Ombak said...

tipah tertipu tertipu tetipah~