Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kursus induksi PM fasa 1

This course was held in Tg Puteri Beach Resort Melaka.. Although the toilets there were bad, but the rooms were ok..and the most important is the activities we had there were fun.. it’s like ”whoaahh”… The most “happening” activities were the pool part..I enjoyed the game, and the teamwork too.. but I guessed, the boys enjoyed more to the scenery..LOL..

i looked so small n thin, right?? :D
what r u doing?? Look at the camera..adoyaii
i was trying to do like the digi's yellow man ;p

Thanks to our master n fellows that we had a good time there…

At night, we went for a walk at the seaside n ate otak2..yummy.. there’s also a funfair just beside the resort, but I didn’t play anything..not interested..