Monday, July 28, 2008


today's kbk class is cancelled...yippiee~
so, just having a sweet date with my lappy..
drinking a cup of coffee (medicated coffee which my mom forced me to drink..huhu)
a chocolate waffle for my breakfast..nyum2..

i'm pissed off with my UM sticker registration..i can't print my kept saying that there's a programming error..dem! let me take over the programmer's place and detect the error la..huhu (mcm terel sgt~) so, today i need to go to the security office (again~) and try to settle up my registration manually..


4 OrG ConTeNg:

asherapth said...

ewah2...nk debug system plak..hehehee..

Hananeechan said...


btw, problem tu da settle, n sticker moto pon da dpt..pasni leh aa kuar masuk sesuka hati..lalala~

Mr. Right said...


Thanks for the link. Lovely blog you have here. Cantik...

Student UM ye, budak I.T?

Salam perkenalan...

Hananeechan said...

hi Mr Right..
thanks 4 visiting..
i'm your loyal 'silent reader'..
Love to read your controversial opinion..

yes, but Computer Science to be exact..