Saturday, July 19, 2008

~DreAm GuY~

01.Would you mind if your guy is fat?
Hurm, i think i dun mind if he's fat..but will he mind if i'm fat? i wonder...

02. Would you want your guy to do house chores? would be wonderful if he helps a bit here n there..

03. What is the maximum age gap you and your guy can have?
I dun really mind how much the gap is..but i do mind about age..i prefer if the guy is older than me..n luckily my pacik besa is older than dakecik.. =)

04. Would you mind if your guy smokes?
Yes...i do mind...pacik besa dun smoke aite? hehe.. jgn tau..

05. Must he get good grades?
Erm..i dun mind bout the grades, just being educated is enough for me.. =)

06. A muscular/mature guy or a childish/cute guy?
Can i have the combination of all stated above? hehe.. dun mind the muscular n cute part..honestly, before this i dun like childish guy, but now i love childish guy..if he's childish, dia manja..n kalau dia mnje, dia romantik...n what's more important, he's mature whenever he needs to be..kan pacik besa? fyi, pacik besa is my hero, coz he saved me from being kidnapped..

07. Must he be popular to suit you?
Erm..if he's not popular, it would be better..hehe

08. Would you allow your guy to join a gang?
No thanks..especially gangsters..i hate violence..

09. Must he have perfect eyesight?
Nope..dun mind about that..

10. Must he be perfect in everything?
First, nobody's perfect rite? 2nd, perfect is boring..We can always predict what he'll do next..and what's more important, i love mysterious and surprises.. :D

11. Will you be furious or worried if your guy gets into trouble with the gangsters?
What kind of question is this? for sure laaa...adoyaiiii...

12. Must he be taller than you?
Dun mind..If he's taller, than it's a bonus..if he's at the same level, dun mind either..shorter pun tkpe..janji dia syg saya... :D

13. What is the first thing he attracted you?
hurmm..good question coz i can't find the answer...i'm just attracted to him..

14. Does how much he loves you matters or as long as you love him is enough?
Of course la it matters...What kind of relationship if i'm the only one being deeply in love while he doesn't? *syok sendiri rite?*

15. Would you allow your guy to show tantrums on the elderly or worthy of respect?
Of course i won't..I wouldn't fall for someone violent, rude, and arrogant especially to the elders...

16. What if your guy's ex still loves him?
Depends..Kalau girl tu je yg terhegeh2, ignore jela..As long as my guy loves me, not her..If not, he has to make a or her..Simple.. =)

17. Which of his character or looks will make you leave him?
Character : If he cheats on me or doesn't love me anymore.
Looks : Erm..i dun think that looks can make me leave him..

18. Must you be his first girlfriend?
Tak semestinya.. tak kisah kot.. =)

19. After marriage, must you be together or follow him back to his country or the country he's in?
Together of course..Baik takyah kawin kalo tamo duk same.. =)

20. What will you do if his friends bully him?
Takat gurau2 tu takper la..Don't overdo it..mmg nk kena aa tuh..hehe

21. What are the most important things you seek in your guy?
Pure love, cares n loyalty..

22. Would you rather your guy be a studious or bad boy kind?
Combination of both..huhuhu...

23. What if your good friend likes your guy?
Try aa ngorat kalo dpt..But he's mine,bebeh.. huhu

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