Sunday, July 27, 2008

A lot like love..

Today, i'm going to talk about my love life..(again??!! huhu..)

what are u going to do if your ex-bf suddenly appears and send lots of msgs, etc2.. and at the same time u already have a new bf? hurmmm..

as for me, i'll just ignore my ex-bf bcoz our story are history..he already left me(without any explanation) and i had to suffer for a while, and i had a gud time too living my single life..

in addition, i already have a new love life to live..when i commit in a relationship, it means that i have a commitment and a heart to take care of.. i won't simply change my mind after knowing the reason or explanation from my i said earlier, we are history.. lets bygone be bygone..

i fall in love with pacikbesa n i'm very happy.. full stop..

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