Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dark knight

I watched this movie days ago, and i know, it's a bit late to do the reviews..
but, who cares..this is my blog after all.. *wink*

BesT ParTs

What i like the most in this movie is the psychotic joker..The late Heath Ledger did a great job!!! It doesn't look like he's acting a joker. It looks like he is born as the psychotic joker. He's so scary, he's so psycho, he's so joker. He's just damn good..He really deserves an oscar nomination..And if he wins, it is not because of sympathy, or because he had passed's just because of his great talent and it's worth his talent..

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger - Joker

Why so serious?

Christian bale is hot..i know..but i like the batman's voice husky..can't imagine if a guy with that kind of voice whisper next to me..**

Christian Bale


Bad Parts

Nothing much, just i think that the movie is too long. There's several parts that i thought was the end of the movie. but it wasn't..*lama sgt smpai ada org tu tido~ haha*


Above all, Christopher Nolan did a great job. well done!
4.5 stars~

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Hijrah1429 said...

terima kasih berkunjung blog akak...ohh masih belajar lagi yer? nanti akak linkkan blog ni ke blog akak yer...tq

asherapth said...

~owhh..ske voice cm btman ek?hehhee..abis la psni..konpem ade org sakit tekak...uhuk2