Thursday, February 12, 2009

PGL The Musical 3~

BESTnyerr PGL 3~ Honestly, (gile honest) i'm not a big fan of PGL before, i'm not a big fan of the actor/actress..not at all... I dun even watch the whole PGL movie before this..i skipped..

So, when lyla asked me whether i want to go to the PGL The Musical or not, i was like.. "erk..PGL?? ker??"

Before this, i always wonder, should i bring some sweets, so i won't fall asleep? Hey, don't blame me..What should i expect then?
1) It is musical which means, more singing, less talking.. *daa~*
2) It is classic, so many years back..*yakin gile ok, teater tu boring*

But i'm wrong..Totally. I'm glad that i decided to go...I love it.. The storyline was great, even if u don't know the story b4, u can catch up.. (but of coz la most Malaysians should know~)

The songs n the voices are so harmony, beautiful, romantic..... Of coz la the romantic part was between Hang Tuah n Puteri Gunung Ledang.. They even have romantic dialogues i tell u.."Setapak kaki melangkah, dua tapak ingatan kanda pada dinda.." aaaaaaa *cair~*

The dancings are unique and they have chicky dance too. It was adlin's part when he's dancing like err wtf..he's the sultan! how can sultan do that?? but it was everybody laughed watching him dance like that.
It was so happening, n i felt like "i wanna be part of the crowd"..

The costumes are nice. Especially the Majapahit's. sexy woo~ hahaha..

And the stage setting was awesome! Everytime they move to the next scene, i can't help saying "oohh..waahhh" coz it's incredible...Before going, i did imagine how they are going to potray the mountain scene? but they did. n it was high too..*x gayat ke dia duk menari2 atas tu ek* ngee~

I laughed a lot too bcoz, at certain part, they even make jokes, n it's very funny indeed..i tot this theatre will be serious as hell..haha~

They do magic tricks dissapering out of the blue.. And the side effects are cool ..for example the small explosions..puff..n the nenek kebayan dissapear....

The lightings were superb..They even have people dancing behind the screen like wayang kulit.

But of coz, there must be some weaknesses here n there..
1) The mic of the Dato' from Melaka didn't work at first..Can't hear his voice for a minute. *tenggelam timbul* but luckily they have subtitles..So i can just read it..*nasib baik pakai lens =p*

2) The parking lot is not enuff..we had to park far far away~

3) The space of the seat.. Sempit. Somebody with long legs won't be comfortable. And everytime someone wants to go in or out, the whole seaters of the row need to stand up. Standing ovation .haha~

4) Too many people lining to take photograph and i can't capture any good picture of the actors.hehe~

ok, here comes the bad part. i looked damn fat with my dressing that nite..ok la. do not blame the dressing. i am fat. wtf.

so i'm going to tapis my pictures. u r strictly forbidden to laugh at me. sape nak gelak, sila keluar sekarang.

told ya...ramai..
disebalik org2 ramai ni, kat pintu nun dihujung sana, ada la barisan pelakonnya tgh sain autograph..

autograph session..khusyuk gile ac mizal.


nasib baik nyorok..xnmpk gemok.hahaha...

lyla2..pandang la cni...


lyla heppy gile.heheh

tgk ekin mawi.tgk saya.
haha..nasib la de takde kat pgl ngan baju nih..
*sy x tiru dia ok.accidentally terjumpe gmba ni*

pesanan penaja: ade nampak byk artis..tapi yg paling menarik perhatian adalah hans cepat sgt de balik. kan lyla? huhu~
takpela..yg penting happy..kan papa panda? hehe

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asherapth said...

~haa suh pegi tngkp gmba ngn hans cept2 xmo..malu2 konon..bile die dh nk blk bru nk g..hehhehehe...dee kn ade..npe xmo amik gmba ngn die ek?awww..

Hananeechan said...


ShaFril said...

emm ur fren lyla tu muka dia nk msm kawan sya la...igtkn kwn sya tau tp bila tgk smula bru prasan bkn dia haha

AFIQ'S said...

hahaa dah mcm ekinlahh die :D