Friday, January 30, 2009

Bila Resah, Ingat saat Indah~

Aiyaaa…What a tiring day~
Do u know what happened when the Chinese celebrates their new year n close their shops for almost a week??

It’s difficult, ok..As u know, most of the important shops are owned by Chinese..
Unfortunately, my road tax, my sister’s road tax, and my father’s road tax expires today..What the heck..So, we had to wait until the shop opens, which is today, and hell, it’s Friday. It’s gonna be busy at the post office, bank and all over the offices right…

So, my sister and I went to the post office, took the number, and as we expected, it’s more than a hundred ahead…There’s no way we’re going to wait at the seat-less post office(of course all the seats are already taken, what do u expect?).

So, we went back home, watch tv, killing time, eat, tv again, then after an hour, we went back to the post office.

Nope, still faaaaaarr ahead. So we hang out at a mamak stall. I ate mamak fried noodle which was yummy..After a while, we went back to check the number, not yet.

So, we went riding around this town. Go here, go there, go round the castle, go near the river, go to the shops, buy nothing, go out again, and fyi, it’s 12.30 and we are burning inside out..
So my sister decided to stop somewhere just to kill time. And we went to to karaoke..
We sang 6 ‘tangkap lentok’ songs...

Then, we went back to the post office..Guess what..???


My sister want to go home, but I decided to wait, because I think the number will move faster as most of the guys will go to the Friday prayers..

Suddenly, a Chinese guy, around 22 years old fainted in the post office. He hit the dustbin and lied unconscious on the floor. Everybody was looking, some were helping, lift him up, kipas-kipas a bit, gave him a seat, and he seems dizzy..

Not long after that, one of the officer, came out, give him a mineral water, a tiger balm, and asked him what he wanted to do..
Then the officer took his document, and that guy didn’t have to wait anymore..

My sister said “Kakak, cepat la pengsan!! Cepat sikit settle..” Haha, yeah right..
Ouh, forgot to mention that I had several numbers because some of the people who gave up waiting, give the number to me..

And finally, my precious number had come..1248.
My sister gave her number 1249 to a guy next to us. They need to go to Friday prayers.

After I settled my business, I gave my extra number to a Chinese girl and a makcik beside me. And the makcik asked me “Macamana boleh ade nombor byk2 ni?”
And I said ”Saya pon org bagi tadi..” then I left. I made the makcik happy, coz her number was a hundred ahead.

Before we went home, the guy that we gave the number before came to us and asked for a phone number..
My sis : “Aii, baru bg nombor giliran, da mintak no tepon??” (yup. My sister is more ‘hati kering’ than I am)
The guy: “Ala, bagila..Da habis gentle ni datang mintak sendiri..”
My sis : “No bapak saya nak?”
The guy : “no bapak pon boleh la..”
My sis : “waa, mmg gentle habis kalo no bapak pon nak..”
The guy : “Cepatla, nak bg ke tak ni? Nak balik da ni..”
My sis : “taknak bagi.. Aik, balik?? Tak g semayang jumaat ke?” (ambik kau sebijik..see how sarcastic she can be..*adik sape la ni..*)
The guy : *tersengih-sengih* ..taknak bg takpela. Balik dulu..

pesanan penaja: That guy is not bad at all with a superbike. But as I said before, my sis is ‘hati kering’. Huhu..

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