Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Day~

Who said that the life is miserable after just having one whole unfortunate day?
Chill people, the best is yet to come.

Ececeh.. poyo tak intro. padahal nak bagitahu life is good recently :)
Haha, takdelah GOOD as if dapat duit turun dari langit ke apa..hehe. It's just that life is better than before la..

First, exam's over! Say MERDEKA everybody!!

But hey, DON'T even talk about the results yet. it will just ruined this good mood. just enjoy every single day until the day the result is announced. Pathetic i know! -_-"

Secondly, my Google Chrome has cured! no more crashes. Oh, u can read it here, my whining about chrome's crash. do you wanna know why it crashed? well, maybe some of you already know this but i just found out. It was because i re-downloaded my Internet Download Manager!! Before this i was using trial version and it expired. So i downloaded a new one. Unfortunately, IDM is not compatible with Chrome! Shocked O_o
So, in order to solve this problem, you just need to un-check the "use advanced browser integration" option in the IDM download options. Tadaa... no more miserable crashes! yaay~ Now i can download my Korean dramas faster than ever!

Third! I already got a new house for rent. Pheww. It was pretty difficult to get a comfortable house with reasonable price! like what happened last time..So, we decided to choose an apartment at pantai indah at RM750 per month.
Actually, we did have several options. for example, the flat at Kg Limau. Only RM500 per month. But well, you know, it just doesn't feel right. We just don't feel that we have chemistry with the house. haha gedik kan. nak ada chemistry plak! ok, to tell you the truth, i saw a weird thing hanging at the door at every room, wrapped in a yellow cloth! It seems creepy. Like ilmu hitam kind of pendinding or something. idk. just choose the safest way, get the house out of our list!

So, we're gonna move to the apartment on tuesday! feel free to come for a house warming session. but bring your own food. we don't have stove yet to cook for you. ha ha~

So, my life is great, and i wish you guys a great life too.. *wink*

*picture from google*

8 OrG ConTeNg:

EpoLღKunang2 said...

"basuh kaki" sebelum pindah masuk. ^^

Hananeechan said...

epol :basuh kaki? xfaham la..

hamzah ian said...

gua pun tak paham basuh kaki

EpoLღKunang2 said...

Maksudnya, 'pendinding' untuk keselamatan menghuni rumah baru. ^^

EpoLღKunang2 said...

Maksudnya, 'pendinding' untuk keselamatan menghuni rumah baru. ^^

Hananeechan said...

hamzah : basuh kaki seblom tido :p

epol : ouh..bace yassin camtu ek..hehe will do~

Are'Ja_(",) said...

aku dtg ko kene masak jugak!..huhu

Hananeechan said...

areja: ho lah..hehe