Saturday, September 13, 2008

KEsiAn HaNa~

one word that explains everything...i miss breaking fast with my family..i miss sahur with my family..i miss my family...

i wanna go home..but i'm busy doing my secretary's stuff here...i need to type all the letters(invitation, sponsorship,etc2) i need to do all the minit mesyuarat, i need to study bcoz i have 2 exams next week..blablabla..n the lists go on and on..

i'm sick of eating the food at the dining hall everyday(which i know that i should be grateful bcoz i still have food to eat) but today is the climax of all...

i tapau my food for breaking fast so that i can eat in my room..alone of coz..
menu for today is : ikan masak kari

although it is not my favourite food,but that is still okay with me..(syukur jela apa yg ade kan drpd xde langsung..)

but then, after azan, i suddenly realized that the kari ikan is made of ikan pari..D*MN!!

for those who doesn't know, i am allergy to ikan, i can't eat my food..i can't risk my night being uncomfortable scratching here n there..really can't stand the itchiness..

so, i just eat my kurma, kuih pulut panggang n air bandung...

sedey~ (hana sgt kesian...)

*Kalau dpt mkn ni kan beshh..hikkss~

2 OrG ConTeNg:

shar_wani said...

td pn buke aku mkn lauk tuhh..
pasrah je..

Hananeechan said...

tu aa pasal..aku memula pon pasrah gak aa sblom perasan tu ikan pari..tapi lpas tu, sedey aa pasal kelaparan..hahaha~