Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i need a BREAK!!

I'm feeling tired n my head is cramped already...I have lots of works to do..but still..i'm updating my dear blog..darn! i just can't stop mumbling..blabbering..complaining about how much work i have, realizing it...heck..i'm still doing nothing about it..what a loser huh?..

it's not that i do not worry about any of it..but i keep postponing to do my work n the number keeps increasing from day to day..i feel stressed, n i think i'm going insane already..I really need a break..but in order to have holidays, i'm facing a lot more works that need to be done before the holidays..it sux..really!

see..more complaining,but still don't do anything..what the hell is wrong with me? arghh..... i need a motivation please..

i can't imagine the fact of being a student but do not know what actually i'm studying and what i need to study..that's my problem.. huge one! the network test is on the day after tomorrow. n i think i know nothing. yes..nothing..

i'm not making up stories u guys, it's just damn true.. n i believe that there are several friends like me who know nothing as well(come on..don't lie~)...n there are also some who knows everything(bapak rajin~).. i wish i can be just like them..

but how?

without hard works, the knowledge won't simply fall from the sky,rite...uwaa...i wish they will simply fell down from the sky...so that i can just pick it up n be smart like others...i wish i am hardworking enough so that i'll know everything..i wish doraemon really exists..i wish..i wish.. *be careful what u wished for..*

there's another thing beside studies that haunting me right now...it's the college activities...i'm tired of doing all the letters, all the minit mesyuarat, annoucements, tired of attending meetings, bla bla n bla..
i had enuff...

this will be the first and the last of me being a secretary..i won't do such boring, annoying job again.. little experience of that is more than enough for me...
next time??? ouh..no thanks!

this is already a nightmare for me.. what's the point of doing something that u hate so much, rite? it won't do u any good.. and the work that u do also won't be that good since the sincerity is not there.when u do something u love to do, n u r sincere, u will probably produce a good work, bcoz u put all your love inside your work..
(err..get the picture? i think my words are already tonggang terbalik just like me..)

nevermind that.. i just need to do something that can help me feeling better..n it is blogging..i feel like i had just throw everything to a very good listener, n i feel better....(poor blog for having this kind of owner..)

*poor readers for reading this craps*
*ok..i better stop here before it becomes more annoying..*

6 OrG ConTeNg:

Mr. Ombak said...

tu la. lenkali xyah jd secretary2 nih. jd je pengarah tros. hohohoho

Arief Arf said...

"n i believe that there are several friends like me who know nothing as well"

-agreed. welcome to the club.

Hananeechan said...

betol tu..jd pengarah tk yah wat surat2 nih~ aman sikit idop..len kali nk gile pangkat sikit aa..jd pengarah.

haha..i know i'm not alone~ =p

shar_wani said...

aku skali la tuhh..

asherapth said...

~erm..ur blog is a very good listener..while im x...haaiihhh...

Hananeechan said...

ala..bukan cmtu..kat blog leh maki hamun..hehe..takkn nk marah2 org lak.. =p