Friday, September 5, 2008

Feeling flirty??

"Hai awak... Leh Berkenalan?
Mr XXXX 01X- 6XXX5XX8 "

Have u girls ever get a tiny piece of paper, written similar like this? For example, someone passed it to u at the restaurant, or maybe someone put it at your vehicles..
What did u do? Contact him? Hurmm.. I don't think so..
I think, it's just a waste of time writing that, because most girls will probably ignore that kind of tactic..
I don't know if there are actually girls out there who will contact the number..but i won't..
it's not that i'm being, err what's that famous word?? 'jual mahal?'

it's just that, why in da world should i waste my phone credit to contact somebody that i don't even know..(xtau aa pulak kalo ader yg baik hati bagi kad topup skali kan..haha)

unless, he hit my scooter or something, n left his phone number 2 b responsible (which probably won't happen bcoz people usually hit n run)..
if that's the case, i won't bother spending my precious phone credit for him (mintak ganti rugi la, of course..bukan menggatal hokkeyy..)

to tell u da truth, i actually don't understand why they do that..
are they too desperate?

or just wanna have fun giving their phone number to strangers?
(kalau ye, tmpal jela fon number ko kat bus stop ke, public toilet ke, public phone sume tu..)

or it's actually their hobby?
(xde hobi lain ke yg berfaedah ckit?ish3..kumpul setem ke)..

or they actually confident that the girl will contact them?
(err...yg jenis ni, taktau aa nk ckp ape...syok sendiri kot??)

or.. hurmm...there r so many assumptions...


Why don't u guys, instead of giving that tiny piece of paper, try to give your business card..?
1) at least, u r promoting your business..
2) most people will keep business card they received, they don't throw it away..
3) if that girl is single n still looking , this will probably give u an extra point..
n who knows, maybe she will hit u back?

Don't have a business card yet?

Do not give your number to her, ask her number instead..
1) U r being a gentleman
2) U already showed her that u r serious (err...maybe..i don't know)
3) Although the probabilities to get the number is not so high,
but at least, it's much better than giving ur number to her n wait for her to call..

Don't have guts to ask??

Then do the dirty way..Hit her vehicle n leave ur contact number..
She will contact u..U achieved ur mission..Congratulations!
1) U will spend a 'lil bit of money..
2) N maybe u'll get a bakul of maki hamun first, if the girl is bad tempered or a vehicle lover..

Still don't have guts????

Haa, tak payah wat pape..duk je diam2..Senang.

** Please don't try this at home.. I won't be responsible for the consequences!
** Don't drink and drive (errkk??)
** If anybody here is actually one of the doer, i'm sorry..
this is just my personal harm~
** Majulah sukan untuk negara!!

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asherapth said...

~ewah2..banyknyer suggestion tuk tackle awek!

Hananeechan said...

hehhe...well, i'm DR Cinta..hahha