Wednesday, September 17, 2008



i'm currently in the oracle lab..

already submitted my assignment..yaay~

already finished mid term test..double yaay~

got some careless mistakes in my test just now..triple yaay~(erk!) T_T


what should i eat today? it's kind of difficult thou..i can't eat in front of other people(nnt org ckp ape lak kan..)

n of coz i can't eat maggi for 7 days..(botak aa kepala beb)
n i dun want to eat bread for 7 days either...
nak kfc ke..mcD ke..heheh

actually, i have a quite embarassing experience during fasting month last year..
when everybody is fasting, n i didn' friend and i went to the kfc (drive thru) (in the afternoon,okkeyy!)

my friend said that, "takpe..semalam i g, pompuan yg jaga kaunter..xde segan sgt.."
n i was just like "ouh..ok..jom!"

but when we went to the drive-thru counter, a malay guy was at the counter..
with a wide grin..(almost laughing face n it was written at his face saying something like "ouh..korang xpose ek..kantoii")

ok, we weren't what? just give us the food, will ya!..(padahal blushing gile..malu dowh~) i going to do that again this year? hurmmm...we'll see....muahahah(gelak mcm clive!)

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