Thursday, September 4, 2008

CrYbAbY.. ^^

Have u guys ever cried while eating? Usually people stop eating when they cried, rite? It's not that...what i mean here is, u eat..and at the same time, u cry....haha..n guess wut?...i just did!!

During sahur just now, i was eating some rice...unfortunately, i have a mouth ulser on my right cheek..can u imagine, everytime i chew my food, i accidentally bite my cheek which have ulser on it? OMG!! it was so painful...Before this, i can still eat because i only bite my cheek once or twice, n i can still bear the pain..

But just now,i can't stand it was painful, but i still need to, i eat n i cried at the same time.. hell was pathetic... when i said crying, i mean the worst kind of crying..with red eyes, tears all over the face, sobbings, red nose,etc2...and at one point, i can even taste my tears together with the's kind of funny thou..bcoz, after that i look into the mirror n gosh!! i looked like a widow who had just lost her husband.. haih~ poor me!

**great!! i'll go to class today with my 'sembap' eyes..

2 OrG ConTeNg:

asherapth said...

~alalalala..cianyer dk kecik nih..sahur smpi nangish2..hmmm..xpe2 nti kite g bli ubt tuk ulser tu ek!

Hananeechan said...

sahur paling sedih..heheh