Friday, September 12, 2008

i LoVe CaTss..MeoW

I LoVe CatS..
EspeciAllY, Cute Cats..
Just now, i went to da kedai runcit to buy some snacks..on my way back to my block, this cute little thing suddenly ran towards me n hit my leg with her head...cistt*nasib baik ko cute tau kucing!*
Then, i just sit down n play with this kitten for half an hour..Playing with cats can make me happy..eventhough this naughty little kitten bite my fingers, n play rough with her kuku tajam tu.. i'm still happy...i'm wondering why...hurmm, maybe playing with cats can make me calm, peaceful n cheerful.. =)
yeah..just assume that's the reason..

** some people says that capturing a photo of a kitten is not good because it will die soon or lost his way that true? i hope not~

#take care ya little thing~ don't get lost!

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