Friday, July 24, 2009

Siaran Tertunda...

the convocation that was awaited for several years have come..
seriously, the convo mood isn't there anymore..
coz i waited so damn long, man..
merajuk already!

ok lah, btw, they pujuk me with an extra "anugerah".
so, i feel better already..*senang gila nak pujuk kan?kan? =p*
so, let's comment on the pictures..

Damn big la that jubah....with my small face, i look funny in that. seriously.

first of all, sorry for the not-so-good-photo in terms of quality coz it's a phone camera only..
i didn't bring camera for my convocation. how not-so-excited is that??

okay, now focus on the girl with the maroon dress+unsuitable colored scarf.. that's me.
sorry for the fashion disaster i did on MY CONVOCATION DAY!!! arghh.. seriously, i'm not mentally or physically prepared for the convo. hey, i'm too busy with my internship laaaa.*alasan lapuk* ok fine. i'm a fashion disaster. so wut? hahaha~

okay, more pictures of this scarf..actually that tudung belongs to hajar. my friend. i borrowed from her, as i didn't prepare for my convo, remember? that was the only tudung yang takde la terrible sangat bila kenakan dengan bju maroon tu. yang lain...sangat2 tak masuk. trust me. huhu~ so, what shud i expect? a ready made diva? hoho..a fashion disaster diva la...
*pagi nak g konvo tu bru iron tudung tu. :D*
ouh btw, that maroon dress is not mine either. i took it at home. unprepared i was? dun even have time to buy a new one. duhhh~
ouh, and most importantly, that flower wasn't mine either..hajar punya jugak. i didn't get big flowers, coz i came there alone. my family couldn't make it. T__T. luckily i'll have another convo for UM graduates soon after.. :D soon baby..soon..

focus on da 2nd girl from left. it's me..
focus on the area just above my need to look at the topi la..haiyaa..
can u see the "mysterious" blue colored thing????
okay let me unveil the secret. remember when i said that i didn't prepare?? i mean i really didn't prepare. i took that baju from home, but never tried. so, that morning when i tried it on, it's quite transparent. OMG! (takkan nak pakai seksi2 g konvo kot weyh. agak2 aaa..huhu~)
so, without any further hesitation, i took a blue kain baju kurung, n just put it on inside the maroon dress. there..i'm safe from the transparency.or it's just wut i think.. but after taking pictures, i was like "dem!! why that blue kain wanna reveal herself too??? just sit hush2 inside la deyy~"
spoil betul!!

huuuhh..lucky this picture x nmpk kaki.. ouh, u wanna know why i hold that red flower although it wasn't mine? bcoz hajar got sooo many flowers...i'm just helping her to hold sad is that?? T_T. (hey, kepochi la u.. u don tel here n nobody knows la who's the owner..diam2 sudeyyyy)
ouh, okayy.... :p

penat berdiri sebab pakai kasut 4 inci. sampai kereta semua sibuk cari selipar. itula perempuan.. haihhh..zzzz~

ouh, did u notice that merah+kuning thing that i wore on my jubah? haa..i told u, how they pujuk me earlier, rite? the special "anugerah"? they gave me that thing and i was acting like i'm in a "miss universe" competition..duhh... dun make me tell u how kelam kabut that morning was, when they were looking for me to sarungkan that miss universe thing..but i wasn't there..
everybody called me. hana, where are u? where r u? u're late...they're looking 4 u..blablabla..
okay, damn right i'm late for my own
but we tried hard enuff to be there as soon as possible laa...hajar was driving like "OMG" u know...n i was thrilled. never afraid. i just love the adrenaline in me.. huhu. crazy me.
i need to try drifting after this. lol.

ina(tudung biru), why your head senget, then my head become senget too, n hajar also senget???
yati je tak senget..but with expressionless face..

okay, when i'm back in KL, i got flower too...from pacikbesa. yaaayyy~
not so bad after all, huh?

hurm, but i don't have on the stage photos. later, when i have it, i'll update keyh. walaupun aku tau korang bukan nak tgk sangat pon..pedulik ah. nak letak gak. hahaha...

pesanan penaja: byk lagi gambar, tapi dengan camera org lain.. al-maklum la.. aku tak bwk camera.. T_T...
lain tahun punya konvo, aku bwk la..aku nak bawak cameraman sekali. senang sikit kerja. posing jek. hahahha... :D

11 OrG ConTeNg:

jijie said...

congratz! =)

Arief Arf said...

ni konvo utk ape ni?
pehal lambat gile?

hahaha.. gile disaster doh ko..
memang malang gile ah..
kalah aku..

~qeiralif~ said...

tah ni ah......
akhirnye konvo juge anda..

A.B.U said... konvo bile punye nih?bukan ke ko junior ak ke?haish...hairan ni

Are'Ja_(",) said...

Hana, ko memang wat lawak lar..focus jerk ehh..huhu...ape2 pun antara kami ko paling menyerlah.."Miss Universe" kan..keke...miss kelam kabut sebenarnya untuk hari graduat tu la..hehe...sal gambor atas pentas tu..sabor yek..selamat lagi ngan aku..Insyaallah this week aku pos..
ok sweet girl tata..

Hananeechan said...

jijie : thanks!

arip : tau takpe. lambat nak mampos.

qyra : thanks :D

abu : special case maa.haha

areja : yaay..nak gambar tu..nanti aku msuk duit keyh.

firdausMohamad said...

tahniah ye kamu! :D

Are'Ja_(",) said...

naa..cedey ngat..aku igt nak g pos lar kamu punyer scrol dan gambor tu..ekcident plak aku rini ..tiang kat umah tokwan langgar Bee Orenn aku..*Terbalikkan* hehe..Insyaallah already siap ptg ni aku rawat Bee Oren tu aku post k..Insyallah esok plg lambat..hhehe

asherapth said...

~ala..cianyer dak kecik nih..xpe2..jnji u have a god time with ur frens there rite?n mne de org nk bg bunge pagi2 bute kn?hehee..pakcik bsa jek yg wat cmtuh....

Hananeechan said...

firdaus : thankss

areja : la..teruk ke bee oren tu? adoii..hati2 la wei..

pacikbesa : betol3.. thankssss

[z@ck] said...

x sbrnya nak konvo..