Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blah blah

Hectic week almost over! Yaay.
Done with my VIVA for the fyp 1.
Almost over with uncountable presentations and assignments..
Hopefully, everything will be fine.. =)

Ouh btw, just now at midvalley, there was an exhibition about cosmetics and beauty.
for those who likes facial treatment, hair treatment, free make ups, photo shoots, theres a lot of vouchers to grab. facial treatment @ new york skin solution for just RM28. and there's so much more.

**Ni buat iklan free..tadi dia suruh dtg bawak kawan. tapi kawan semua sibuk dengan fyp. haha

2 OrG ConTeNg:

Adib said...

Wah, tak abes lagi presentation & assignment ke? Kitorg dah abes dah, tunggu result jer skg yaaay. :P

Hananeechan said...

not yet T_T
final exam pon lambat lgi..
end of november!