Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tag lagi, lagi dan lagiii~

Di tag oleh encik Dzul Fahmie

1. What is the relationship of you and him/her?
=My classmate (same major)
=Secretary-- boss (JKP Kenegaraan & Patriotisme)

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her.
=Jalan laju gile aka the flash
=sgt baik *xterpengaruh ngan anasir2 xbaik* hahaha
=Xpenah miss makan kat DM. heheh
=Tegas / GARANG (T_T)

3. The most memorable things he/she had done for you.
=always be there n help me during my miserable times of being a secretary..hahah(tiap2 kali aku nk print surat, nak letterhead, bgtau je, dia mesti tolong..thanks weh..aku da blanje kan? hahah )

4. The most memorable things he/she have said to you?
=Masa tu aku stress gile, da nak nangis sbb penat..n said sumthing about nak letak jawatan..n dia ckp.."Sabaq weh..sekejap ja lagi hang jadi s/u..2 minggu ja. pasni ok laa.."

5. If he/she become your lover, you will…
=that will never happen babeh..dun worry..hahaha~

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will…
=nyorok..(pemain rugby kot.kang dia belasah aku camana?)

7. If he/she become your lover, he has to improve on…on his/her
=once if-else statement disini..

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is…
=sbb kena marah? kene sekeh? ko kan garang.haha~

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
=nak serap sume aura rajin study dia..sbb aku malas!

10. The overall impression of him/her is…
=fastest guy pu.hahah

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you? should i know? u tell me~

12. The character of you for yourself is?
=Baikhati,rajin,sopansantun *puke if u want.hahahha*
no lah..lazybone..

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
= saya tak suke sebab sy SANGAT RAJIN STUDY. heh.sengal.

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
=me, myself n i..

15. For the people who likes you, say something about them.
= "maurisse, i think they like me" ikut nada king jhulian madagascar 2..haha

16. Ten people to tag:
only one person.
1. Encik Asherapth..hahah~ (plz..i'm begging

17. Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
=there's no number 2

18. Is no. 3 a male or a female?
=there's no number 3

19. If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing?

20. How about no. 5 and 8?

21. What is no. 1 studying about?
=comp. development. currently working.

22. Is no. 4 single?

23. Say something about no. 6

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