Saturday, November 15, 2008

student LIFE

i have one last paper on17th n i hardly wait to finish that paper..i hope i can do well although that subject seems quite tough, and my bloody carry marks sux(i think it did). so, i need to do well in my final in order to prevent the worst nightmare to happen..

ouh, btw i already sux in my digital design paper. i hate to admit, but i think the possibility to repeat that subject is higher..argghhh... plz mr Z. dont fail me..plz.. :onegaiii:
(hurm,like he cares)


but other than sux in exams, my life is quite alright..
i'm happy everyday..infact,very happy..


so, i think i should be grateful..
life's great babeh...

i like to move it move it..
she likes to move it move it..
he likes to move it move it..
we like to..MOVE IT!!
::sing everybody::

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