Saturday, November 6, 2010

The best place in the world!


i was planning to drive home earlier. But suddenly, my sister text me in the afternoon.

Sista : "Kak, ko balik ke?"
Me : "Haah, today.. :)"
Sista : "Mane ade orang kat umah. ibu g cherating. abah nak g hatyai. tapi banjir. abah g tempat lain kot. Ana pon ingat nak balik, tapi abah x bg."
Me : "alaa..yeke..? nak balikk... :("

Then i called my mum, and my dad.
Abah said, "nak balik, balik la..tapi malam nanti baru abah ade kat umah"

To my sista! See, abah loves me more. hahahahahhahahahah!

I drove to perak alone..the journey usually takes 3 hours. but today, i make it in 2 hours and 25 minutes. Wahh..not bad huh? I mean not bad la for a kancil. if i drove my father's car, i can make it less. ha ha! but no guarantee about the speed trap tho.

It's quite scary driving alone at night. and it got scarier when it started raining heavily.
All the ghost stories about the highways suddenly came floating around me. what the heck!
Bad timing i must say. but all the scary thoughts were gone when something happened.

I was driving at the most left lane. it was dark for sure. suddenly, at the left side of the road, i saw a car parking at the emergency lane. with lights off!! which it is lucky that i still can see the car when i'm near. and suddenly when i was so near, i saw a guy stretching his body beside his car, inside the lane that i was driving, with black shirt and trousers. whaddaa.. you're so lucky man that i saw u and spontaneously move a bit to the middle lane. and thank God i'm lucky also because there's no car at the middle lane.. if not, i'm not gonna be home right now. and you're not gonna have peace in your sleeps cuz i will haunt u. ha ha!

Figure 1
*tempias lepas buat report assignment*

I draw this for u half-heartedly. My mouse is not working, so please understand how hard it is to draw. hehe.. anyway, i think u can get it. come on, it's not that ugly, right! :p
in case u don't get it, the blue car is that man's car. and the cute pink car is mine. although my car is not actually pink. *hey, it does look like a car right?* :p

To the MIB who stretched in the middle of the road.. why don't u just do yoga there. maybe u can find total peace in the other world. and if you actually want to kill yourself, don't stand at the left lane. go and stand at the fast lane. it will help make it faster with less pain!

Last but not least,
HAPPY DEEPAVALI and happy holiday~

2 OrG ConTeNg:

Arief Arf said...

gile lah near death experience ko..
siap ada illustration lagi tu.
boleh jadi pelukis pasni.


Hananeechan said...

berbakat kan? ha ha