Monday, December 15, 2008


Cuti ni asyik makan jer tau..berat da naik 2 kilo da..Mak sy asyik suh makan je..dia kate suh gemuk ckit..adeyh~
So, ckp mak kena la dgr..makan jgn tak makan...hahaha~

chicken dumpling dia shedap..

bole la..

sebelum makan...

selepas makan..

ni mkn masa kat tesco..

hazelnut white coffee~


ni paling besh~

konon2 nak diet, watla garden salad, mkn ngn thousand island..
hahahha~ poyo jek..

Yesterday i watch a movie with my sister..
"the day the earth stood still"

i'm not going to make a review about the story..
i'm going to comment about the attitude..

What do u feel when somebody keep kicking your seat till the end of the movie?
It was so damn annoying ok!!
Memg rase cm nak belasah je mamat tu..
But the best that i can do was
"turn around, look at him in the eye with a killer-stare"
Yes, it worked..but only for 15 minutes..then he started again.

Another annoying thing was when somebody's cellphone rang for more that 10 times..
Bising betul!
Ususally people who forgot to silent their phone will probably silent after their phone rang..
But this person, bole tak dia biar je mcm tu, siap msg2 lg, n everytime msg masuk, lagu pon berkumandang? kalo setakat beep2 takpe tak..LAGU!!
aiyaaaa...fening wa punya kepala~

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Clive said...

hahaha,tu ok naik 2 kg jer.aku???5-10kg kot!!!uwaaaa!