Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm not 'Raja Longkang' anymore~ sifu teach me how to play, and i end up playing quite well..haha~ :girl_9:
tak pecaya? ha..tgk la ni...walaupun score tu tak la power bley tahanla kan bg seorg raja longkang.hahahaha...ouh, btw..mine is with the 'H' on the left..stands for Hana. And the A is my sifu. he said that he did it on purpose. he's just giving me a chance to win.. what a lame excuse babeh..i won..hahaha..gembira! gembira! ouh forget to mention that this is the 2nd game..i lost in the 1st game.but who cares..i won in da 2nd..hahah...yippie~

what a historical day..i never won b4~ :D

the face of a winner =p

org menang kena blanje,sbb over exited.. =p

2 OrG ConTeNg:

asherapth said...

hehee.bukn main suke lg org tuh smpi melompt2 sebb menang nyer pasl..hehhe..tpkn..all thx to the coach..hammburrguuurrrr!!!

Hananeechan said...

ala..mestila happy..kalahkan coach tu..hahahah