Monday, August 11, 2008


Happy convocation day~
Ouh, before i proceed, if you guys think that this entry is going to be boring or annoying (regarding my love life), don't read..kindly proceed to the next entry..coz i love this part, n i'm going to post it anyway.. =)

10 August 2008

It's Sunday, i know..and it's his convocation day..hurray~ (dier yg konvo pehal lak minah ni yg seronok lebih2,kan? =p)
Graduated from UTEM, in Computer Science [software development]..
Okey, enuff introduction..Long story short, i want to focus on that green thingy,c-g[name manje]..hehe..
i bought it for him at FESKUM..ok, don't laugh! i know..but don't u think that the c-g is cute?
just by looking at the c-g's eyes also can make your heart melt..haha.. i don't want to buy flowers, bcoz i think, it's just special on the convo-day..after that, meaningless.. goes...c-g with pacikbesa~

**Incik Asherapth, jgn mara ye, that i uploaded a lot.. =p

ish...yg ni pon nak enterframe gaks...nyibuk jer..

Just focus to the c-g.. ignore the pontianak beside(i blurred her already)..hehe

8 OrG ConTeNg:

asherapth said...

eiii..pehal ngn mamat tuh?org time konvo hepy2..nih die time convo mke masham jek...ish2...xcenyum pon!

Hananeechan said...

hehe...ntah la..nape ek dia cedih~
nk tiru muka c-g tu nmpk cumel..hehe

asherapth said... tuh mmg comel la..die ikut tuan die yg original..ikut dak kck r tuh!

Hananeechan said...

eyh, bukan dakecik tu lg cumel dri c-g ke? hakhakhak..bwekksss

asherapth said...

~ewah2..lebih2 plak die!

Hananeechan said...


Are'Ja_(",) said...

salam..wa bahagia tol!! ehem2..nak tanyer cket, muka pakcikbesa tu kan kenape tak mcm pakcikbesa?mcm pakcikkecik jerk na?hehe..jgn mare ye..sebab i berani menconteng..

Hananeechan said...

haha...pacikbesa tu sbb tinggi kot..muka dia mmg awet muda